Saturday, March 5, 2011

ICUP #1- St. George

Phast Dan "Turd" takes the top step in singlespeed.  Kenny Jones 2nd, me 3rd.

It always feels good to stand on that box, especially this early in the season.  It's been a long winter and the boys down south usually have a head start to the season so I was glad the SLC / UC crew represented.  I counted about 20 in the SS class.  I only recognized about half of them. 

I felt like I had good legs but I knew I couldn't hang with Dan.  He was able to put a nice gap on us early into lap 1.  Must of been the 17 cog he was running (not to mention good lungs and legs).  Kenny and I both ran 18's and we traded spots a couple of times during the race but he was too fast and got me by a second or two at the finish. 

Despite taking 3rd, I was really happy with how the race went.  I could not have gone any faster and left everything out there.

Good times catching up with all the racers. 

I came home to some nice tiger stripes on my head and an instant farmer tan. It felt great to play in the warm sun.


Dave said...

It sounds really painful. I'm sorry I missed out on it! Hopefully Cholla is in the plans for me.

Corey said...

Nice job Rick. Sounds like a fast group of doods!

Anonymous said...

Rick, you animal!! Older age is treating you nicely.

Ryan said...

Way to go. Very impressive this early in the season.

Aaron said...

A few seconds behind Kenny? I'd take that any day. Nice work.

Nate said...

What Aaron said. But, all 3 of you are superhumans. Good work!

Rick Sunderlage said...

Ryan- Packer, is that you? I had no idea you had a blog. You have a new fan.