Saturday, February 26, 2011


With the Avalanche danger at High today,  Rob and I put our route finding skills to the test.  We got a 6AM start from Tibble Fork in AF Canyon and worked our way up to the Three Temptations area.  

With the early start and significant new snow, putting in a skin track was exhausting but well worth it.
Touring and cycling are so closely related.  Being 2nd behind the person breaking trail feels just like drafting on a road bike.  And a freshly cut skin track reminds me of single track on dirt.

Getting deep into the mountains like that was a nice change from the typical LCC or BCC tours.

We kept it safe and skied mostly low angle terrain but a few spots made us very nervous.  I skied with my eyes wide open and ears on full alert.

Ended the tour with a high speed, narrow, bush whack exit.  Made me wish I had racing gloves and poles with pads to knock away the branches.


Grizzly Adam said...

The exit up there is one best/worst. Always an adventure.

Rob said...

In case anyone questioned; I 'drafted' that day...

Great snow, but yes - a little eerie.