Thursday, February 3, 2011


Despite it being negative degrees yesterday, Rob (the wonder twin) and I decided to see how much we could suffer.  So we met at 6am in LCC for some pre dawn backcountry.

The top of Flagstaff.  Strong winds and very cold temps.  Just the way we like it.

Then it turned into a race to the sun.

The light was pretty amazing as soon as the sun came out.  Rob stopped to take the pics.  I have no idea how his fingers didn't freeze. 

The skins come off nicely in the cold. 

A quick ski cut and then it's all down.

The cold temps would cause some issues with one of Rob's skins.  He was missing the strap & clip on one of his skins and once we got to the bottom of the Main Days shot, it was obvious his skin would not stick to the ski.  We tried a few tweaks with a strap from his pack, but it wasn't working.  So Rob skied out BCC down to the Spruces and hitched a ride down the canyon while I hiked back up to the Flag ridge to get the truck and then drove to the base of BCC to pick him up.  We celebrated our tour with an ice cold Diet Coke and went our separate ways into work.  Good one.


South County Ciclista said...

Very cool photos.

Aaron said...

Nice exit strategy. I bet Adam wishes he would have done that the day you guys did Banana Days and he ended up basically post-holing out of Days.