Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Future

I have no idea if my son Seth (8) will take up cycling when he is older. He is eight and still rides a SS which is a good sign. But if he ever decides to race, I look forward to a switching roles and paying him back for all the support over the years.

Here he is giving me a handup during the UTCX race #7 on Saturday. And doing it like a pro.


Anonymous said...

Let's just hope if he does -- like there's a chance he won't -- he looks as PRO as his old man!

South County Ciclista said...

The Future looks good, very good.

eeeeeeeevilbanks said...

Way to go Seth! Gettin' the job done..........

gz said...

He is having fun helping and I bet he is enjoying the company of the other kids his age there-a good start and a good thing.
My four are fourth or fifth generation track cyclists. Life sometimes gets in the way, but even if they aren't on the velodrome at present they are all on a bike one way or another.
My youngest (21) has started playing bike polo .It has changed since I played it in the 60s but he is enjoying riding a bike.
As Chris Hoy put it, medals or no, if he wasn't enjoying riding the bike he wouldn't be doing it!!
All the best
Gwynneth (C.C.Cardiff (cycling club) Wales)