Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Have A List

I have a list of routes I want to ski in the Wasatch before I die. Pretty high up on that list is the Coalpit Headwall in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Coalpit is described in Andrew McLean's book - The Chuting Gallery, as:

48 degrees
4,930 vertical drop

One of the biggest and most classic lines in the has a bit of everything- a beautiful steep headwall, glades, a narrow roller coaster ride of a gully, an obstacle (a waterfall requiring a down climb via a fixed rope), and a convenient finish.

"Deemed best run of my life by numerous Wasatch skiers".

It was finally time to check this route off my list.

Saturday, a group of six of us - Dug, Ben, Jon, Mike, Tyler and I, met up at 4:30am for an early start. There is no easy way to get to Coalpit. All routes require a long sufferfest. We decided for the longer but more mellow, scenic approach of starting from White Pine, working our way past Red Pine, Maybird, Hogum, and up 2/3 of the Hypodermic Needle (another line on my list), where we cut right and caught the Thunder Mountain ridge (above the Y-Couloir) and up to Coalpit.

6 hours of skinning/booting and I forgot my ipod.

Here is the view of our route up the Hypodermic Needle.

Here we are racing toward the sun to get warm.

Looking back at the Pfeiferhorn

The view of the valley from the Coalpit summit

The Coalpit Headwall

The waterfall section towards the end

Hands down, one of the best routes in the Wasatch. Good times.

For a video of the trip. Go here.


dug said...

i cannot stop thinking about it.

so many big lines, so few perfect days to ski them.

Jonnie J said...

Still saying "yehaaa"! That was a great start to redeeming what, for me, has been a very lackluster season. Just what the doctor ordered.

South County Ciclista said...

Nice epic ride. I wish I had all the gear/split board to ride some stuff like that.

Rob said...

looked like the perfect day for it too...i am so jealousness.

Grizzly Adam said...

Niiice. I'm kicking myself a little bit.

Other lines on my list:

Box Elder
Lone Peak

This weekend ought to be great for a south facing corn run on any of those...