Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr. Wolf

You know how in the movie Pulp Fiction there is that scene when Vincent and Jules mess up and kill a guy in the back of the car? And how they call Mr. Wolf the clean up guy to help?

Well, Jamie is my Mr. Wolf. He is a master mechanic and has is own private operation in his garage. He doesn't make house calls like Mr. Wolf but he is every bit as good.

The EBB on my Niner is now fixed and ready to ride.

Thanks Mr. Wolf!


Jonnie J said...

That man has waved his wand on my bike many a time. He's got some magic in them should see him with a high speed drill!

dug said...

he doesn't make house calls?

"that's thirty minutes away. i'll be there in ten."

KanyonKris said...

Hey, Jamie, my bike is making this weird sound...

Glad the Niner is back in action.