Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leadville Result

Update* Cool video here:

Just got back from Leadville. I finished in 9:12 which was good enough for 6th in the singlespeed division (out of 50) and 146th overall. I didn't bring home the big buckle but that's okay. I now know it's possible to get a sub 9 without gears.

Leadville is just too epic of a race to summarize so I won't even try.

A few things I learned:
  1. When you ride Leadville on a SS, you get A LOT of attention from the other racers and the spectators.
  2. 32x19 is the perfect gearing
  3. I can ride 100 + miles on nothing but Gels, Honey Stinger chews, CarboRocket and water
  4. If you need to, you can pee on your chain as a backup to traditional chain lube (just ask Jamie)
  5. Powerline has at least 5 false summits. It really is ridiculous.
  6. It rains a lot at Leadville. Get used to it.
  7. Apparently, at one of the feed zones, I promised Rachelle I would take her to Hawaii for crewing for me. When you are completely cooked, funny things come out of your mouth.
A few pics....

Just before crossing the finish line

Rachelle (the hottest crew member ever).

It's crazy how much of an energy boost I got from just seeing my wife a few times during the race.

Sam, Tony, Jamie, me at the finsih

What I like most about Leadville is the hang out factor. The race is just one day. The other 3 days are spent sitting around with good friends, laughing, telling stories, and eating. It's a great way to escape.

I didn't reserve a room for next year so I probably won't be back unless Elden, Dug or Sam talk me into it.


vh1 said...

Still too cooked to type. Great race and great times. If we do it again remind me to use a 32x20.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That is such a killer time with the weather, course being longer and SS'ing. Impressive and yes, having family cheer you on during the race is better than crack.

Aaron said...

6th place is amazing! I was finishing up an easy spin with my brothers and thought of you guys being 2 hours into an all day race and just shook my head. Very impressive, all of you.

Anonymous said...

good work mate - i have reserved a room for next yr, and will be doing SS.


KanyonKris said...

Wow, excellent time! Sounds like you had a good time, well maybe being totally exhausted isn't so fun.

Flyin' Ute said...

Bro. You rode strong.

I bonked hard.

My chain worked great though.

You were still fast on the flats even with your SS.

Good work.

Jonnie J said...

Ricky - Great ride out there Saturday. You looked like you had the bit firmly in the teeth. That was a ride to be proud of.

dug said...

i'm proud to know you. seriously.

is that a sin?

Whitney said...

You are my hero!! Definitely a finish to be proud of! Thanks for letting us tag along!

Jason said...

Rick - really enjoyed watching you ride so strong, congrats man!

tp said...

Sometime last year you surpassed me in your fitness and strength. After your Leadville effort this year, you've graduated to another league. Amazing ride bro.

UtRider said...

I'd be curious to see if you can throw down a 9:12 on the Clarks TT. After doing it at Leadville it should be easy right? :)

Well done!

Bob said...

Wow. 9:12 on a singlespeed. I think you're faster than I am on a bike.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

hot damn. nice work. how was the coca-cola?

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Congrats on a good hard race! Sounds awesome!

Cycling to Fight Cancer said...

I finished, but it about killed me, you are not kidding about false summits at powerline, I thought I'd never get over that thing on the way back.