Saturday, July 11, 2009

Snowbird ICUP

How did the Snowbird ICUP race go?  This pictures tells it all.  After keeping my 2nd place position well into lap 3 with all the hard climbing out the way, my chain broke.  I still haven't learned my lesson from Leadville.  I found myself staring at my chain in the dirt asking myself why I hadn't bothered to:

1) Swap out the chain before the race.  It had been creaking and popping for the past month and I knew it was on it's last leg.

2) Pack a quick link or chain tool.

The overall objective for the day was to log some race pace miles and make myself hurt.  I accomplished my objective but a podium spot would have been a nice touch to my race.  

I threw my chain around my neck and descended the "DH of Sketch" (named by Bob S.) and hiked/ran until I got passed by the 3rd place Singlespeeder.  Then I pulled the plug and found a jeep road and hiked back to my truck.  

DNF.  It has a nice ring to it, yeah?

P.S.  After suffering on lap 2, I looked down at my full water bottle of CarboRocket and started to drink the magic juice.  The stuff works wonders.  By the time I past through the start line at the beginning of lap 3, I felt strong like bull and found my legs again.  Probably why I broke my chain.  I blame it on the CarboRocket!


tp said...

Serves you right for passing up on a long ride with the gang.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened to you after the race and even saw the empty 2nd place podium spot at the awards and thought for sure that was you. SRAM PC8, new one every Januaury.

tp said...

Btw, you probably got more saddle time than we did even with your mechanical. Remind me again why big group rides are fun?

Nick Rico said...

I think you will need to invest in one of those big'ol John Deer chains with all that horse power you are packin!

Rick Sunderlage said...

TP- I'm just glad I didn't break my chain during the group ride. That would have sucked.

Brad- Next time you see me, I'll have an SRAM PC8.

Nick- I could have used a wing man at the race.