Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leadville Prep

With Leadville only a month away, I've started to make any minor changes to my bike now so I have enough time to field test before race day.
  • I ordered my new Chris King SS cog (I'm going to run a 32 x 19 instead of my current 34 x 20). This is a slightly easier gear ratio than what I've been running for the past year and should help save my legs.
  • I ordered the new Niner Bio-Centric BB. They claim it's a much better system that eliminates the typical creak you get with a normal EBB. If you've ridden with me lately, you will thank me for making this investment. My bike has been very loud

Just need to get a new chain ring, a chain, and a set of fast tires.


Rob said...


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Rob: do fraternal twins have the same birthday? Because I'm pretty sure you've mentioned you guys are fraternal.

Rick: why bother changing the chain? Old one will work just fine with the new ring and cog.

Aaron said...

Yeah, it's not like a chain has ever cost you a sub-9 finish in Leadville. Oh wait...

Jonnie J said...

Hey weener. Everyone good rider knows about the obligation to let his riding mates know of a birthday. If I'd have known I would have bought you a maple bar when we passed the Chevron. Then maybe I could have beat you up the hill while you enjoyed your doughnut!

Oh and Happy B-day to you too Rob.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Rob- happy b-day little brother

Mark- After last year, I am buying a BMX chain. I can't take any chances.

Aaron- That's my story. Blame the missed sub 9 on the chain. Or maybe it was that fact that I suck.

JJ- Thanks for the offer. I would never refuse a maple bar. Especially before a big climb. They give you wings.

If I told you guys it was my b-day, maybe Tony wouldn't have pulled that brake prank on me at the stop light.

Flyin' Ute said...

Still 5 weeks to Leadville. Whew! You scared me.

Brett said...

You will have to let me know how you like the niner EBB. I am about at the end of my rope with the ebb on my rig. Between the creaking and coming loose it is ridiculous. I am about to order the carver bracket but if I could get the niner one to looks so simple and elegant.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Brett- will do. I'm pretty excited about it. Although my current Niner EBB has been great. I think the creak is coming from my chain (which is really old).

But the new system seems to make sense, its lighter, easier to adjust (one screw instead of two) and looks like it will keep any dirt out which makes for a nice quiet ride.