Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deer Valley ICUP

I swithced up my pre-race meal and went with an egg, cheese, & bacon sandwich on a bagel (and of course a diet coke). I stuffed that down on the 35 min drive up to Deer Valley. Seth B. caught a ride up with me and I'm sure he was looking at my 44oz Diet Coke thinking I was a complete yahoo.

At the registration table, I saw Chad A. standing there. I could tell he was having doubts about racing due to the recent rain. I can't blame him. His bike cost more than my truck. After a few minutes, he lined up with me at the table and paid his entry fee.

We went out for a quick pre-ride of the course to check conditions. It was wet but the dirt wasn't sticky. I realized about 5 min into the pre-ride that I was going to be in trouble with my gearing. The 34x20 was too much for that initial climb up Little Stick. It didn't help my confidence that Brad was running the same gearing and was considering a switch.

I lined up with the single speeders. They had us starting with the 19-29 Expert group and just in front of the 40+ Experts. Which meant that Brad and other fast guys were starting right behind me. Single speeders did 2 laps and the Experts did 3. Usually at the start line, Ed will give the SS class the option of doing the 3rd lap. I was glad that conversation never happened as we lined up.

I didn't want to start off too fast with that steep climb. I knew I would probably blow up if I did, so I settled into 4th position, put my head down, and worked my way up the Little Stick climb. It was brutal. I was totally on the edge and was having bad thoughts. I didn't notice that I had passed one of the other single speeders on the initial climb which meant I was now in the 3rd spot.
Half way through lap one, I caught the wheel of another SS rider and was able to pass him on one of the downhill sections which meant I was now riding in 2nd spot.

Things didn't change much from there. If a rider made a pass, I'd glance down at the drive train to make sure he had gears. I wasn't about to let another SS rider come by. Once I made it up Little Stick for the 2nd time, I was feeling much better and settled into a good pace. The downhill sections were fast and tacky.

I held on for a 2nd place finish which is my best result so far this year.

I feel like my quads have ripped off the bone. Little Stick hurt me.


Rob said...

Schweet. Nice job.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Congrats on the good result. Tough course for that gear choice, but sounds like you made it work.

South County Ciclista said...

Congrats on the good finish. I have never ridden that course before, but I have ridden the NORBA course they have up there and that is tough. Glad to hear there wasn't any mud.

Aaron said...

You watch. You'll have a dozen people talking about their bacon egg and cheese bagle sandwich before the next race. Great finish.

Jaynann said...

Impressive Ricker!

fatguyonalittlebike said...

It was the bacon egg and cheese that i was more concerned with making a repeat appearance that morning. Nice job. I was jealous when i saw you finishing after 2 laps. That climb hurt and i HAD gears.