Friday, May 22, 2009

Mile Marker 18

This morning, more than ever, I had hoped that during the winter, Mile Marker 18 up AF Canyon had fallen down or had somehow gone missing.

If you've ever ridden AF Canyon with the group, you already know the significance of Mile Marker 18.

To my disappointment, it is still there. That little green sign in the bushes.

I didn't have the legs today. Maybe it was from being sick. Or maybe it was from lugging my 10 lb messenger bag (and I even packed flip flops instead of normal shoes to save weight) up the 11 mile climb. But I think it was probably from trying to keep Jon's wheel all morning long.

He was on fire. At one point, I had to publicly ackowledge that he was (at least for the day) the Alpha Male of the group. I thought if we awarded him his prize verbally, he would back down the pace a little but he didn't. It got worse.

As we passed Mile Marker 18, you could hear the clicking of the shifting gears. And just like that, Sam flicked it over to the big ring and stood up. I shifted, stood, and then quickly sat back down and watched as Steve and Sam battled it out.

The summit sprint up AF is the working, family man's equivalent of taking a Stage win at the Giro or Tour and is almost as important as the sprint to the Guard Station at the base of AF.

In retrospect, I should have known it would have been Steve that would take it. Have you seen those calves? Holy crap.

At the top, Sam, Jon, Mark, and Steve would turn around and ride back down the North side, while Aaron and I dropped the South side, passed Sundance, into Provo Canyon, down, and into work.

Once at work, for $0.65, I was able to purchase the following recovery food and make my 9am meeting (with 3 minutes to spare).


vh1 said...

I swear they moved the marker back .5 miles! I did my best "The Killer" Di Luca impersonation, but blew up .1 mile early. Oh well there is always next week. Jon needs a doping control agent to swing by his house for a couple samples.

KanyonKris said...

I know that mile marker, but all it means to me is "thank heaven I'm almost to the top". Sprinting hasn't entered my mind. Good work, alphas.

Hey, Jon, you can hide the dope at my house while you're under suspicion, but I can't guarantee there won't be some missing items.

Is UDOT still working on that culvert near Timpooneke? Any trouble getting by?

Aaron said...

Sam - we need to go move it back to where it belongs - right past the summit parking lot.

Rick, I can now see the reasoning behind your "no donuts on race week" rule. Gotta save room for the good stuff.

Kris - they're still working it. Other than some mud on the shoes, no trouble at all. In fact, it was really the only reason Jon didn't ride away from all of us, so it was a welcome break.

tibiker said...

Good to see you're partaking of the nectar of the gods for your recovery. (And Pop Tarts aren't bad either)

Anonymous said...

I must confess I've been up and down that canyon dozens of times and have no idea where milemarker 18 is. And, we need to work on the diet. I'll bring some figs and almonds to the draper race for you.

Jonnie J said...

Flattery will get you anything! Guess I owe you lunch...I have a coupon for the Italian Place?