Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monkey in the Middle

I was set up. After a good night's sleep and time to think about my night ride last night, I think I was part of very mean trick.

I met Chad and Scott at the EQ for a night ride. (By the way, the moon is very big and very bright this week. I highly recommend getting out for a night ride). The ride started out normal. Chad in front, me in the 2nd slot, and Scott behind me. The pace was good but not painful. We made our way to the base of Clarks and all of a sudden, Chad took off at race pace. I chased and managed to keep his wheel despite the blood coming out of my ears. At the bridge he backed off and the pace was normal again. A few minutes later, Chad stood up again and was back to race pace. I started to chase and after 30 seconds decided this is silly and backed off. And that's when the questions started from Scott. I was breathing hard and wasn't in a state of mind for being social but Scott is such a nice guy, I wanted to try and answer his questions. I could only manager simple one word responses. Yet the questions kept coming. And with every one word response, I knew I was wasting precious air. I sounded like I was either anti-social or retarded.

Once I caught back up with Chad, he said "I'm not trying to be a weenie. I'm just doing my interval training. One minute on 3 minutes off."

Nice, glad I could be a part of your interval training.

I think they planned this. Get me in the middle spot, and then Chad was to put the hammer down and Scott was to start up with the questions just to see if they could make me pass out.

And yet....I loved every minute of it.


EROL said...

you can't be talking about my brother chad. he is mr. family man now and i think even i can make him puke.

Scott said...

I like the way you think.

I guess I was just so excited that there was another person to talk to as I was 'riding' with Chad that I couldn't keep my mouth shut....sorry.

Chad said...

Well glad hear our plan worked (Monkey in the Middle)...
Just kidding pal. It was a great night and sorry for the intervals! I think the 29er influence and a scandium frame is now tempting Scott again too.

Let's do it again!