Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Warning- Cycling may cause slowness

Got up early and met 6 other guys for some dawn patrol in the wasatch backcountry. 6 out of the 7 of us in the group are cyclists. Climbing mountains in the winter is about as close to mountain biking as it gets. The lungs burn, the legs get worked. A lot of suffering is required to earn the downhill. You would think that any cyclist could maintain good form and transition to backcountry and be fast.

But here is the thing. Ben, the only non-cyclist in the group, is and always will be the fastest climber. It's weird. I have no idea how he maintains his fitness over the Summer/Fall months. He was able to put significant distance between all of us without coming close to redlining it. The guy is a freak. At one point, I managed to catch up to him or at least within talking range and ask how he stays so fit. His reply was disturbing. "I sit around and eat crap". The thing is, he wasn't joking. In fact, at the top of the first lap, he busted out a baggie of chocolate chip cookies. It was 7:30am and he was sugar loading on cookies.

I've joked about giving him a road bike and making him time trial up Suncrest to see what time he could post. I wouldn't be surprised if he could break 20 min on his first try (north side). This spring, as soon as the road is dry, I'm going to do that. I must know what he can do on the bike.

Genetics go a long way I guess. Some have it. Some not so much.


UtRider said...

Have him try skinning up Clark's this winter. Maybe he can go sub-10 minutes on skis!

Anonymous said...

What you failed to mention is that you were able to catch Ben, even though you're recovering from croup. The rest of us, meanwhile, were gasping for air and suffering several minutes behind you.

I told Ben he needs to start smoking cigarettes. Maybe you could do the same. That way these morning tours would be less painful for the rest of us.

It is nice to get 2600 vertical feet before work, though.

Anonymous said...

he also has mad ski finding skills. he spotted my ski that had wandered away from my boot from about 300 yards away, and actually CALLED me from below to tell me where it was.

Anonymous said...

Since you brought up the "genetic" issue, I feel obligated to clarify that we are fraternal twins - for those confused by our differing climbing skills.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- your skis are white. Why would you buy white skis? Did you know those also come in blue?

Jonnie J said...

I have been trying the Ben Fitness plan for well over a month now ....and all I can say is I want my money back.

Bart G said...

When and where do you guys ski? I am always looking for more tours.

Rachelle Sunderlage said...

Bart- Thur morning is probably the next dawn patrol. Would love to have you along. We typically do stuff in Little or Big Cottonwood if it's before work.


I'll shoot you an email.

Rick Sunderlage said...

yeah...,um, that comment was from me (not my wife).