Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Anyone have any Midol?"

That's what I've been asking people around the office today to help w/ the pain.

Rachelle took me on a "run" on Monday. I haven't run more than 100 ft in like 10 years so I kinda expected some soreness. I just didn't expect my calf muscles to rip off the bone. We ran for about an hour and a 15 min on the trails around Corner Canyon.

I felt fine yesterday and a little sore this morning but as the day has gone on, I'm feeling it more and more.

I'm a loser. I need to mix up my training more. I think running one day a week will help me get back in riding form before March.


Anonymous said...

i just LOVE the picture in my head of you running. i'm running a little video of it now. yup, there it is.

i should follow you with a shovel and fill in the potholes.

wait, that's me. i'm sure you're much lighter on your feet.

Jonnie J said...

Word to your Midol Mother. I ran a couple times last week and am just getting through the creaks in my body now.

KanyonKris said...

I did exactly one run before my first triathlon last year. My friend warned me that running uses different muscles so take it easy. I went deliberately slow but still got a side ache and the last 1/3 my legs were burning. I was sore the next day.

At the tri I ran my poor legs into the ground. All my friends were saying I'd be fine because I cycle so much. But I knew better. I had this big aerobic capacity gas tank fueling this tiny running engine.

Sure enough I didn't get out of breath, which is what stops most people, so I overdrove my legs into some really good pain. But the worst was the soreness the next 3 days. Going down stairs was agony. Marathoners told me going down the stairs backwards is the trick.

I've had the same concern that I'm too focused on cycling, but I just can't get excited about running. It's sooo slooow (compared to the bike). I'm a kid, I need the fun of the bike. But maybe next year I'll suck it up and run TWICE before the tri.

South County Ciclista said...

Funny how you can think you are in shape until you use different muscles. But look at it this way. I don't run because I don't ever think I have seen a person happy or with a smile while doing it. Riding, however you get a smile all the time.

tp said...

Running sucks. Makes my hips and shins hurt.I'm glad I'm not the only one.