Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on SS 29er Jersey

A while ago, I posted a sneak peak of a jersey design that Salt Cycling put together (a side project).
There are a lot of single speed 29er riders out there. Just go to the local race and check out the bikes. More and more 29ers and single speeds are showing up. And not just showing up but taking podium spots. Brad, Kenny, Jamie P., the Holley family , are all perfect examples of this.

We felt it was time there was a jersey that represented what that scene is about.

The Salt Cycling site is almost finsihed and will hopefully be up by early next week to accept orders. The SS 29er jersey is just the first of several we have on tap so be sure to check out the site often.

We guarantee that our jersey's will make you 5% lighter, 10% faster, and .01% sexier. (Results may vary).


tibiker said...

Make sure to send us the link when it's up. I want to order one for sure.

clark said...

That jersey makes me want a new bike (ss 29er of course). That could end up being a very expensive jersey for me.

Mike said...

can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Impressive claims. I will take a closet full please.