Sunday, July 13, 2008

Park City Perfect 10 Results

Yesterday was the PC Perfect 10 Race.  About 150 riders were there.  I showed up with a plan to ride in the solo group and log some training miles for the upcoming Leadville race.  I didn't plan to stay the entire time and I wasn't interested in going race pace.  This turned out to be a good plan since I didn't have the legs I thought I would.  I rode for about 6.5 hours and logged 8 laps and then packed up and cruised home to hang with my family the rest of the day.  I'm glad I wasn't in it for the entire 10 hours.  I was starting to get sloppy and very tired of the same climb over and over again.  These events are more mental than anything.  
Yesterday was the first ride on my geared bike in almost a year.  It felt a little weird at first but I was so happy I had gears. The climb had some steep pitches and tight switchbacks that seemed to get steeper and harder as the day went on.  Despite neglecting my geared bike for so long, I was pleased that my only mechanical was a torn sidewall on my 3rd lap which required me to ditch the Stans and throw a tube in.  One flat tire was no big deal.  I got lucky.  (Special thanks to Carl from Revolution who was the wrench and supported us all day)
Tony and Trent were the only other DNA riders there.  Trent had major bike issues and pulled the plug early into the race.  Tony seemed like he could have kept riding and showed no signs of slowing down but stopped early to get home, and in his words, "stay married".

Brad lived up to the expectations of his number and took 1st in the Mens Solo with 14 laps.  And of course, did this in style by riding his rigid SS.  (pics stolen from MTB Race News)


Kenny in action


Chucky finishing one of the 18 laps


Chad Ambrose took 2nd in Mens Solo with 14 laps
Chris and KC Holley took 1st in Duo Coed with 18 laps
Chucky took 1st in Duo Men with 18 laps
Kenny took 3rd in Duo Men (on a rigid SS)

I've said this before but my friends are fast.  It's scary really.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Brad. Rick, can't believe this was your first time on the geared bike. I'm sure the torn sidewall was its way of getting back at you for the neglect.

KanyonKris said...

Your photo links are dead, Jim.

Jill said...

I was surprised Tony was home so early....he must've been lonely up there, otherwise I suspect I wouldn't have seen him til 8pm.

He earned his hall pass and honestly, he's easier/nicer to be around after he's had a day on the bike. :) Trust me when I say the benefit of his riding is mutual.