Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday Night Breakfast

The Thursday night rides should really be called the Thursday late night breakfast feast cuz that's the part I really look forward to. It's the best type of post ride chill.

Maybe next time the email will thread will read:

"Hey everyone, we are meeting at Village Inn for breakfast at midnight...Oh, and if you want, let's meet a little earlier for a ride."

Did you know about the V.I.B deal at Village Inn? It gets you any get 4 items of food for just $6.59? I went with the follwing combo: Pancakes (2), bacon (2), eggs (2), and hashbrowns

I was too tired to shower so I went to bed dirty but with a full stomach.

The Hell-O-Ween ride is just around the corner. Do you have your costume figured out?

Should we do this in Draper, the UC, or Glenwild? Or somewhere else?


dug said...

glenwild. same loop as last time.

what a ride.

Kyle said...

McDowell Mountain State Park gets my vote.

Dave said...

I say we do either Draper, or Glenwild but I also want to throw Millcreek in the mix as an did I really vote or just agree to anything?

Anonymous said...

Draper... With a trail name like Ghost Falls how could we NOT ride there for Halloween.

Mike said...

I vote for Minnesota