Friday, September 10, 2010

The Night Train

The Night Train was out last night and was eleven strong. The pace started out mellow and nice on the 1st climb (Canyon Hollow) but turned anti-social on climbs 2 (Ghost) and 3 (Canyon Hollow again).

I usually avoid Clarks any more during the day due to the traffic but the night rides are different. No crowds at night. Although we did run into two guys coming up Clarks last night.

Here is a tip....we all know the yield rule. The climber has the right away and the downhiller must yield. But if you are climbing and see a rider coming down. Don't keep hammering. Let up a little. Give the downhiller a chance to brake and shed some speed.

Clarks at night seems twice as fast. Someone will eventually end up in the ER but no injuries last night (and Rico was even wearing the cursed yellow shoes)

We fueled up on pancakes and bacon at the local Village Inn. And I actually drank some water (may have been the only water I drank yesterday besides the half bottle during the ride).

Anyone know how much a new kidney goes for on ebay?


Anonymous said...

That must have been me that you passed when you were coming down Clarks. Sounds like I misjudged the size of the trail…I was trying to get over, even off trail, to let you guys keep rolling down but I had to keep speed up to do that. I even stopped after the first few riders so most of your group could continue to bomb down unhindered. I understand your point though...All is well that ends well?

Rick Sunderlage said...

anonymous- you were motoring up Clarks (and I mean that as a compliment). I felt bad I couldn't stop soon enough to yield.

always good to see other night riders out getting a bonus ride in.

Do I know you?

Darryl said...

Rick, we don’t know each other…I just came across your blog through a link on one of Fatty’s blogs. I do know your friend Brandon Smith and chatted with him before we all started riding from the Equestrian Center ~9pm. I’m not sure if I was motoring, but we all couldn’t have picked a better night (temperature) to hit the trails!

Dave said...

Good times last night, and it's always fun to consume breakfast food after a good ride

tibiker said...

Guns N Roses barber must be one really bored som beetch. Do those guys EVER get haircuts?

Sorry I missed out last night, sounded Next time for sure.

Jonnie J said...

I was locked up in a two wheeled skid, trying to decide if I should run into mt buddy with the newly healed broken hip or take out the guy hammering up the hill. Then at the last second you got around him and gave me some space.glad we all made it around that corner. I lobe a good night ride.

Eric said...

i think it is safe to say the biking community is getting too interconnected to call each other out anonymously. learned my lesson last week. only i pretty much lambasted the guy on my blog before he pointed out that i knew him too.