Saturday, September 4, 2010

PCP2P- Mile 60

I spent 2.5 hours hanging around at mile 60. This is what it looked like.

Kenny & the beast (Sly Fox)

Bob S. - Loading up for more fun

Brandon "Night Race Champion" in the pain cave.

Aaron avoiding eye contact

Miles heading out for more and looking way too happy after 60 miles.

Sam cooling the engine

Dave going over the game plan with the Rico twins

Brad, the "hair farmer" doing his best Paris-Roubaix impression

Jamie "The Wrench" in deep thought.

The bearded lady coming in to feed

and say a prayer

Fatty about to say something really funny

Jon gets the love from his girls

Dug with his magic soup.


Miles: said...

That hurt today. I suffered big time. Nice to see you and Rico at the PCMR.

Aaron said...

Even though I may have been too delirious to carry on a conversation, you provided some major motivation at PCMR. My caption should say: "Aaron can't see straight due to dehydration"

Jonnie J said...

Thanks for the pics. I didn't say it out loud but I rolled into PC with my mind made up that I was quitting. Always nice to see some friendly faces and get some encouragement to keep trudging along.

South County Ciclista said...

That "Cave" was deep.