Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Number Plate Stays

I recently built up a loaner/back-up bike with spare parts. A bike I can use when my good bike is in the shop. Or a bike I can lend to a friend in need. But here is the rule. You can borrow the bike but you MUST ride it with the number plate attached. Think of it as a rental or fleet number. A way to keep track of it.

I like that rule. It's a good rule.


Anonymous said...

All I ask is that you replace the grips. You've got a 99.9% awesome loaner/2nd bike there but those grips must go. Imagine barbwire wrapped rebar. Thanks again for use of the pony!

South County Ciclista said...

Good Rule. Does it come with a support crew as well?

dug said...

that bike kept me sane for the last two weeks. and by cupping the bars and giving up a little control, i got around the ridiculously bad grips.

i need to get you some ergons.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you leave the sizing sticker on too. No need to ever remove that, or the warning stickers either.

Ergons are for girls like Kerkove.

dug said...

"Ergons are for girls like Kerkove."

well, i am well known for wanting a cushy ride. nothing can be too comfortable for me.

Rick Sunderlage said...

I rode this bike last night during the night ride up AF. I did swap out the grips.

I remembered why I like my squishy fork and don't like fully rigid.

Although the climbs felt great.