Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Race Team

SALT Cycling is looking for a few (five to be exact) MTB or CX racers who want a sponsorship for the 2010/2011 season. Update- Thanks for all the emails. I think we've found the five.

What you get:
  • Free Team Kit -Fly jersey and Fly bib shorts (see below)
  • Free gear (t-shirts, socks, jerseys new stuff is released during the year)
  • Podium money while supplies last (it won't be much but enough to offset your entry fee)
  • The chance to be a billboard on wheels
  • Your own profile page on SALT Cycling's site.
  • Satisfaction of racing for a dirtbag team and the chance to stand out from the crowd
What you won't get:
  • No race support (no mechanic, no hand ups...)
  • No performance enhancing drugs
  • No knuckle bumps or high fives
  • And no entry fee to join the team
I can't offer much but that shouldn't matter. Most of you out there already race because you like it. Why not race for a small unique team and get some free gear out of the deal?

Interested parties should send me an email at There is no required format. Send whatever you think makes sense.


Nate said...

I was totally there until I read "•No knuckle bumps or high fives".

dug said...

i was there until i realized "racing" meant racing.

KanyonKris said...

Me same as dug. Instead of a SALT Cycle dirtbag racer, can I just be a SALT Cycle dirtbag? I'll buy a Fly jersey for sure.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Nate- It's probably just me. I'm old school.

Dug- You were a racing fool back in the day. Now you are just very selective on your races. PCP2P is going to be so fun.

KK- dirtbags of all backgrounds and interest welcome.

Nick Rico said...

I like to race and I like to party. If this team likes to party I'M IN.

-Famous Quote by Nick Rico

Dave said...

RIck - I need a new team next year now that I'm not part of the Adobe team. It's either Salt Cycling or Revolution. What do i have to do to earn a spot? TT up Clarks or something?

Anonymous said...

You use of the double negitive syntax implies that you do get drugs, knucle bumps , race support etc. can't believe no one else caught it.

Rick Sunderlage said...

anonymous- if you come here for the correct use of the English language, you've come to the wrong place. But thanks for noticing.

I'd go back and fix it but I'm way too lazy.

Dave said...

Anonymous - I quote "you use of the double negative syntax...." isn't that sort of like the pot calling the kettle black?? are you going for "YOUR use of the double negative...?

anyway, wouldn't call people out on their english when you suck at it as well.... :)

evilbanks said...

I suck ass at racing but there's no doubt I'll be ordering bibs and a jersey.