Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Come Back

I met with the surgeon today for a 2 week follow up visit. I went in just hoping I hadn't managed to screw things up with my hip since the surgery.

He gave me the green light to start training again. I know it's just a spin bike and I really can't put any resistance on, but it's a start to my come back.

Here I am doing what the doctor ordered. 1 week 6 days after my hip surgery:

Rachelle had to help me clip in and I had to use crutches to get to the bike but I didn't care.

Max HR: 123
Ride time: 22 min
# of water bottles consumed: 0


KanyonKris said...

Nice work, Rocky.

I don't see no atrophy.

tibiker said...

I think Tony owe's me a Diet Coke. I told him yesterday on our ride that you were probably already on a trainer or spin bike. I know you too well! Good to see you getting on the bike again.

I also told him that my goals were still the same for PCPP..... to beat Rick. That looks like it's going to be difficult to do now. I was hoping I'd get to go up against the "Atrophied Rick". I need to have a chit chat with your Dr.

Rick Sunderlage said...

KK- Trust me. It's there. But thanks for making me feel better.

Jamie- I can't beat you in my prime. You have nothing to worry about. And you won't see me on the start line. Way too ambitious of a goal for me.

If you need a Diet Coke hand up at mile 40, let me know. I'm your guy.

Nick Abbott said...

Good to see you on the road to recovery.

dug said...

you're going to need to get that heart rate up. that seems really low.

and please hydrate.

rabidrunner said...

So... I found you from the SBJ/Dug blogs. So sorry to hear about your ailment. I know someone rather closely, however that most definitely feels your pain. And can relate. Click here if you're up for one of those misery loves company stories...

rabidrunner said...

Kay, so, that comment looks like one of those mass comment thingees that people use to get you on over ta' their site. It's not. I'm a real person. Promise.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Rick Sunderlage said...

rabidrunner- thanks for sharing that. Unreal. I will never complain again...ever.

Hard to say who to feel sorry for the most, you or your spouse.

Congrats to both of you on the recovery.

eeeeeeeeevil said...

Nice man----back in the game!

Grizzly Adam said...

Don't call it a comeback!

You'll be all set for CX.