Thursday, July 8, 2010


At the ripe old age of 38, I managed to fracture my hip bone while pre-riding the PCP2P course yesterday. Diet Coke called and has already pulled their sponsorship. Maybe the rumors of Diet Coke making your bones weak is true? I keep hearing from the medial field that this injury is usually an "old person" type of injury.....Nice.

I'm trying to look at the positives. I am taking comfort in the fact that I crashed while climbing. My wish is for people to say I was climbing so fast that my tires lost control and launched me sideways into a rock resulting in the broken hip. I think that sounds better and makes me look less like a spaz.

I'm off the bike for 6-8 weeks which leaves me with just enough time to recover and ride (not race) the PCP2P in Sept.

No surgery. The plan is to let it heal naturally.

I'm already going stir crazy. Pretty good chance I'll go insane by week 3.


P.S. thanks to all my friends and family for pitching in the past two days. I totally appreciate it.


dug said...

see your previous post for the reason your hip bone was ripe for the notching.

kind of like a jar of pickles--i loosened it for ya.

Rick Sunderlage said...

dug- come to think of it. I did hear a pop when we leg wrestled. I'm going to start calling YOU Poundcake.

Grizzly Adam said...

It was the cobbles wasn't it? You should have Frank Schleck over for some pizza.

Get healed up. And no more leg wrastlin' with Dug.

Jason said...

So what's the set up - you in full traction laying on your back or some other crazy bondage device? Sorry to hear that man, hope it heals fast and your back for CX.

JZ said...

That is the best excuse yet for missing the Solitude suffer-fest. Well done.

UtRider said...

Now's the time to design the next wave of sweet Salt Cycling gear. Maybe you can come up with a graphic depicting a broken bone? :)

I predict this injury will result in your best cx season yet. You'll be fresh and training hard while everybody else will be tired and burned out from riding all summer and fall.

Heal fast!

Miles: said...

The way I see it, this is all Brandon and the Champion's belt fault.

Brandon, after winning the belt has decided to insure he wears the belt again.

He made Brad move
He pushed you over and broke your hip
Corey should be very scared.

Or maybe it was the yellow shoes.......

Heal up :)

StupidBike said...

dang, sorry about that, that sucks.

but go hear

and read P2-198

Funny that their short name is the endo-society.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Grizzly- I left Frank and Floyd vm's. Well see.

Jason- No bondage device just crutches

JZ- Maybe I'll show up with my camera and watch the suffering. I've always wanted to be on the sideline of an ICUP race at least once.

UTRider- The "Fly" jersey is almost done. I think you'll like it.

Miles- The yellow shoes are a curse. I'm not worthy and the shoes are letting me know it.

Bob- Disturbing. I really should stop. But light bones means faster climbing, right?

Jason McGrew said...

Dang.. sorry to hear that.. I can't imagine!

Even with you out for the next 6 weeks I am sure you will still kill me on the PCPP...

Derron said...

Crutches!? You are officially an old man now, and old men don't use crutches, they use walkers. We'll get you a nice one w/ tennis balls on the bottom. That totally sucks! Good thing you weren't signed up for Butte or LT100. Speedy recovery & I'm sure you'll kill me on the PCPP as well.

JZ said...

Bob - good thing we aren't women (as I sit here drinking my fourth diet coke of the day). :)

There is also the fact that cyclist (who don't engage in other types of exercise) have been found to have low bone density due to lack of impact. Of course the jury is still out on whether that applies equally to mountain bikers, but it is still enough to maybe want to throw in a run a few days a week.

Anonymous said...

38? So mature for your age, must be the Diet Coke.

tibiker said...

I knew the Diet Coke would get the blame. Don't listen to all those medical journal articles, they're probably funded by the "Got Milk" council. (I type this as I polish off yet another carbonated beverage....burp) Sure is tasty.

My word verification was "olmansndrlge" :)

Nick Rico said...

It was crazy to see Rick hurt. I would have been laying in the fetal position crying like a baby all while sucking my thumb. Rick stood up, made a few funny faces and hiked down the mountain.

"Rick - A MAN'S MAN"