Tuesday, July 6, 2010


That would be my name if I were a wrestler- Poundcake. How I came up with that name isn't important. What is important is that I tell you I'm not a wrestler. I'm a cyclist. And what do cyclists do to cross train when they are on vacation and aren't riding bikes? Leg wrestle. That's what.

I took the family on a long weekend get away. We had some down time at nights which almost always leads to a leg wrestling tournament. I didn't do so hot. But Dug did.

Here we are just before the count down. I didn't win.

Dug putting the hammer down on my bro-in-law. (Nice form Dug). He seems to enjoy hurting others.

You know who else is a good leg wrestler? Mrs. Sunderlage (not her real name). She dominated the girls and some of the boys.

Check it out.

Maybe if I can improve my leg wrestling skills, I'll come into CX season in top form.


dug said...

okay, when i said i didn't care about stuff, i didn't mean this. i care about this.

a lot.

tibiker said...

But Mrs. Sunderlage (not her real name) has no answer for your figure 4 move Rick. I've personally seen you take her. Take solace in that.