Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Race Report

The Soldier Hollow race was "A great success" (in my best Borat accent). I really like the setting of these races. Good riders, well attended, super cool course, organized yet very laid back. A lot of my friends were there. Jon, Jamie, Whitney, Brad K, Tosha, Kenny, Brad P., Chris and KC Holley, and more who I ride with on occassion.

The course was the ICUP loop (which is this Sat) and is mostly tight single track with some good climbs and fast downhill sections.

We'll have to wait for the official results to be posted but I didn't come in last. I made sure to pick out 2 or 3 of the weaker riders in the Expert class and make myself promise to not get passed by them. I've watched enough wild life shows to know how that works.
I finished near the back of the pack in the Expert class. Single speed might not have been the best bike choice for me. I don't know how Brad K, Kenny, and Jamie do it on their SS but they seem to be able to maintain their speed even on the flats or downhill. I could climb fine and was able to pass some riders whenever the trail kicked up but as soon as it turned flat or down, I lost position.

Just about half way through the race, my front wheel started making some funky noises. It didn't slow me down but it made me nervous that I was about to have a mechanical. After the race, I took my front wheel off and noticed my brake pads were worn all the way down to just a paper thin layer. Another 3 minutes of riding with no pads and I could have set off a wildfire from the sparks off my rotor.
The post race chill was the best part. We hung around for the prizes. Almost everyone got something (except Jon...sorry man). I walked away with a set of cyclo-cross tires which I plan to use on my cross bike that has been hanging in Jamies garage for the past 7 months. (I'm pretty sure after 12 months, by law, it becomes his bike). The Pillings and Pogues shared their massive bowl of pasta salad and rolls with us. So good!
Brad was true to his word and had CarboRocket and Beer for all who wanted it. It was a really fun night. The Wed night race series is the way to go.


Anonymous said...

that was the most fun i've had at a race this year. my fave moment was the guy who rode up to the start line as we were all wating and endoed in front of everyone. did you catch that?

tibiker said...

Yep, funny.

As for the race, very fun but if I had to sum it up in two words: That hurt.

Jonathan said...

Sorry I missed the freestyle entertainment at the start line. That was a fun night.....I like the laid back scene.