Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time to Start Getting Serious

Anyone recognize this route? Yep, it's the Leadville 100 profile.

The registration for the 2008 Leadville 100 is now open. I'll be submitting my registration and check this week. Just looking at this map, I get very excited and sick to my stomach at all once.

I've been replaying last years race over and over again in my head. Trying to figure out how I can shave 30 minutes off my time. It was, by far, the hardest race I've ever done but also the most enjoyable. Now that I have one Leadville behind me, I'll be able to plan better. I really had no idea how bad the climbs were going to be, or how the elevation was going to affect me. I wasn't sure what foods I would be craving at the feed zones, or how to pace the flats. So many unknowns last year.

The core group was there last year with a few exceptions. Hopefully this year, we can all get in.

I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Have you decided on a plan yet? Coach or self-coach? Donuts or fruit? Diet coke or water?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Brad- I'm leaning towards the training peaks software for my coach this year. You?
Still undecided about the food.

Huge Company said...

Didn't realize registration was open already. I'm thoroughly frightened by this course but decided I'm going to throw in for the lottery anyway. As far as difficulty, how does it compare with Lotoja?


Rick Sunderlage said...

Huge Company- I've done LOTOJA 3 times and Leadville just once. Leadville seems 2x harder than LOTOJA to me.

KP said...

Rick - Leadville has been on my list but I feel it is a few years away still. I did LOTOJA 07 and RAWROD 07, RAWROD was on a single speed and worked me pretty good, going again in 08. Is there a 50 mile stretch locally that is similar enough to Leadville to train on and get an idea?

Rick Sunderlage said...

KP- If you can do RAWROD on a single speed, you are ready for Leadville.
I actually trained a lot on the road last year for Leadville. The course is mostly jeep road and double track.
Do it!

KP said...

Rick - I need more miles first, I read Fatty's post, and the link in the comments section about those guys that got worked! I'll ask more questions at RAWROD. Thanks!

andy said...

i have a question about the race...the description says it has fantastic aid stations. but fatty always has support giving him soup and filling his bottles/camelbak. why would someone need support if there are great aid stations?

Rick Sunderlage said...

andy- it's true. the feed zones at Leadville are insane. They have everything you need. We used a support crew who meet us at just 3 of the feed zones. Sometimes you want specific foods and you want a very fast exchange. Also, due to weather, it's nice to have someone bring your gear bag to ditch arm wamers, grab a vest or jacket etc... By using a support crew you can do this.
But you would be fine to use the drop bags and regular feed zones.

andy said...

i'm still contemplating sending in my entry form. i had thought about doing a local ultra here in michigan because i didn't think it would be as hard.


but it's got 13k of climbing! of course, it's at a much lower elevation but 13k in michigan????

i understand it's way up north but i'm very surprised at that. wow.

DsWilson said...

I need some SS gear advice. I will be doing Leadville on a Niner SIR 9 SS and want to know what is reccomended for Leadville. I'm a flat lander and run 32x18 for everything Missouri and Kansas can dish out.............but Leadville ain't Kansas. Whats the trade in pace vs. climbing?


Anonymous said...

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