Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A long winter

It's going to be a long winter. I got bummed out today during spin class. I had to listen to Janet Jackson and Britney Spears while pretending to race Lance Armstrong. Seriously. The good news is I was able to catch Lance, drop him, and beat him at the sprint finish. My heart rate hit the mid to high 180's for the first time in a while. Probably due to the added excitement of beating Lance.

There is one male spin instructor (also named Lance) who teaches one day a week. I figured I'd give his class a try this morning. Bad move.

Whitney- Are you out there? Come back and teach. Please. I'm begging.


bradk said...

Is that the same Lance that plays the "save a horse, ride a cowboy" song? I feel your pain. I have an extra set of rollers that you are welcome to have.

tibiker said...

I can't have her teaching too many early mornings. It gives her the "I've gotta get up early" excuse the night before. Not good for my love life.

I have heard that he has some ...interesting choices of music.

Rick Sunderlage said...

So both of you knew about this Lance guy but never bothered to warn me?

Brad- how much for the rollers? I am interested for sure.

Jamie- good point. I respect your needs.

bradk said...

Seriously, you can have them. Ill give you the dug deal. They work great and if you've never been on rollers you're gonna have some fun. So, is Lance a short squatty guy that wears UofU kit?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Brad- Nice. Thanks! Yeah, he has no muscle definition whatsoever and was wearing Discovery gear mixed with an Air Force jersey

dug said...

ha. i did laura's 9:15 class this morning with your wife. that lance guy was on the bike right in front of me. i guess teaching the 5:30 wasn't enough cardio for him.

OR. he's there to ogle. probably there to ogle.

there was a tri-geek woman who had some high tech energy drink in a high tech bottle, and she popped pills 45 minutes in, and, i swear i am not making this up, also used power gels. the class is ONE HOUR!

after the class i heard her complaining, saying "that's not cycling, who STANDS for rollers?"

um, hey tri-geek woman, EVERYBODY but tri-geeks do.

i think i'll go back to doing my own spin classes.

bobby said...