Monday, December 31, 2007

Rugged Mountain Chick

I married a RMC (Rugged Mountain Chick).

Some guys love it when their wife gets all dolled up for a night out on the town. But I really love it when my wife throws on a pack, puts her hair in a pony tail, and heads into the mountains. I took this pic of Rachelle during a recent ski tour up Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Rachelle has some lungs and legs and can really motor up the mountain. We were able to catch several groups on the climb. I was so proud.

We skied some deep, light powder and had an entire valley to ourselves.


andy said...

pardon my ignorance but are you using tele or cx skis?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Andy- We use Randonee or Alpine Touring gear. Fritschi Freeride bindings and Black Diamond Verdict skis (super wide). After skinning to the top of a route, you can lock the binding and ski it like a normal alpine ski.

mark said...

Rick, not sure when you went up, but Saturday was a great day at the resort, and I'm sure Grizzly Gulch would have been even better. We stayed an extra day due to storms in S. Idaho, and I went up again yesterday. Another lovely day at Alta, but I'm guessing the backcountry would have been a death trap. They were bombing all day, but neither Greeley nor the castle ever opened up.

I'll be back in February--I'll give you advance notice and maybe we can get out together. BTW, how do you like the verdicts? I've been eyeing those as my next ski...

andy said...
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andy said...

thanks! i switched from skiing to boarding 15 years ago but want to mix it up again and start cx and tele-skiing.

however, unless you go up north (i live in MI), the conditions for cx skiing are inconsistent at best here in kalamazoo.

and i know what you mean about your wife/gf. my wife is a great skier and i love to see her ripping it up. i'm fairly good on the board because i'm out on the hill every week doing ski patrol but i can hardly keep up with her when we are riding together. i love it when my male friends have a hard time staying with her when we go out west.

Boz said...

I know what you mean, I taught my wife to XC ski this last weekend, and she looked great in the gear. She lost my favorite gloves, though.Bummer.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Mark- Yeah, sorry we couldn't connect when you were out here. I was slammed with end of year stuff at work and schedule was really hit & miss.

Let's plan it better your next trip. I'd like to get out w/ you.

Andy- It's always a plus when your wife can out ski the guys. Very cool.

Boz - That's their way of telling you they want new gloves.