Monday, October 3, 2011


The UTCX season kicked off on Saturday/Sunday at the Utah State Fairpark. Here is a sample of the action.  I switched from racing SS to the A 35+ group.  Every week is going to be a fight to stay near mid pack.  And you know what....?  I'm okay with that.

The course on Saturday had a lot of turns.  A lot of tight, 180 type turns.  I spent the entire race in my smaller chain ring and a few gears over from granny.  It was all about bursts of power out of the turns.  Totally flat.

I suffered and never really figured out some of the corners but I loved it.  I even busted out my superhero skinsuit.  If you can't ride fast, at least look fast. 

Next week, we go to "O" town.  Conditions should be wet and muddy.  Perfect.

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