Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thur Night Worlds Update

If you plan to race on Thursday night, leave a comment with your race plate number (remember, YOU need to bring your own race plate).  I'll bring a bag with all the race plate numbers in it for the drawing post race.
****also, be sure to bring $5 for the cash purse.  Winner takes it all*****
If anyone wants to ride (not race) and would be willing to film or take pictures, let me know.  That would be cool.

We are starting from the EQ at 9pm.

I think the course should be:
  • Neutral start from the EQ to the first dirt road section (same as last year)
  • Race to base of Clarks and at bridge, stay right towards potato hill
  • Up Ann's trail
  • At the top of Ann's/Clarks, head up Jacobs
  • Down Jacobs
  • Down Ghost
  • At bottom of Ghost stay left
  • Up Canyon Hollow (to Brock's) to top of Clarks
  • Down Rush
  • Down lower Canyon Hollow
  • Down Creekside
  • Finish at the EQ
 Post race meal at Village Inn on 106th South.

Who's in?


Dave said...

I'll be racing as number 09. great course!

South County Ciclista said...

I am racing as #23

Anonymous said...

rode potato to ann's yesterday...the transition is blocked by a mound of dug up all the dirt at both ends of the tunnel...don't know if it will be clear thursday...short hike a bike from potato to ann's

Rick Sunderlage said...

I'll be #2. Yeah, I saw that construction zone. A little cx dismount / remount will add some flavor to the race. We should be good.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Canyon Hollow to Brock's to Rush? Not that it matters. I'm likely to be off the back talking to Dug.

Rick Sunderlage said...

SBJ- Yes. CH to Brocks to Rush. I'll fix that in the post. Nice catch.

Dave said...

Rode ann's this morning from the EQ parking lot. Saw the dirt mound, there is a trail that breaks off in front of the mound and was able to reconnect onto Ann's no problem, no dismount needed.

tp said...

Ill use my race plate from last year which is #1. No relation to where I'll finish which will be last.

Taco Spawn said...

Plate #22 for me.

kburns said...

I am in and SS this year. #18

Jason McGrew said...

This will be fun as always.. I'll take #17

Rick Sunderlage said...

Ladies- We need some female representation tomorrow night. You know you want to beat some of the boys. Come on out and race/ride.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Jason- Bring that new bike of yours

Karl- SS....nice.

Derron Tanner said...

Excited to have my cherry popped! My First night race! I'll take #33. Thanks Rick!

StupidBike said...

#10 please

Scott said...

I'll take #6.

I replaced my chain driven garage door opener last night with a smooth belt drive. I now have about 15 feet of single speed friendly chain that I could donate to the raffle!

dlarisch said...

Wow how could I pass up the chance to race in a World Championship I'm in! #19
I better go find some lights and couger repelant.

Brad said...

I'm in. #7 for me.