Friday, October 29, 2010

Hell-O-Ween 2010

It was like this.....

About 30 of us lined up at the start line at the shooting range in Orem last night for the 2010 Hell-O-Ween Night ride/race. There was a Belt at stake and a purse full of cash. First one to the top of the jeep road climb would take the goods. For most of us, this would be the only chance we'd have to get paid to ride. Pressure was thick.

I lined up next to a pink dress, a cock roach, a tutu with wings, a guy with a disturbing thing in a box, and several guys with capes. Most of the costumes were rated PG but Aaron Smith took it one level deeper and went rated R. With big risks come big rewards. Aaron walked away with best in show for the costume. (Aaron, I'll get you a prize).

The Utah County crew brought their top brass including Phast Dan from Racer's Cycle, and Dan Z. (winner of the PCP2P singlespeed div), Brandon Smith, first Night Race Champion, and Rico who was looking strong as usual.

After a few min of nervous chatter, we were off. It was full on sprint pace. Cold turkey start. No warm up. The next 5 min were some of the most brutal 5 min of my life. I could actually taste metal in my mouth. My lungs felt seared. I left my 18t cog on thinking it would give me an advantage but I paid for it. I ended up in 4th about 3 seconds off the podium. The podium spots went to:

1) Phast Dan N.
2) Dan Z.
3) Matt S.

(Note: If I ever had another son, I'd name him Dan out of respect. It's a fast name)

I haven't felt that cooked on the bike in many years. Completely redlined.

We re-grouped and kept the pace as mellow as we could be but we were riding in the UC which means steep, sustained climbs.

We made our way up Betty, over to Belt, to Mouse, to the Altar, then Upper Frank to Dry, down Dry (where several smoked the pipe), down to BST back to the shooting range.

The temps were perfect and the trails were tacky and fast.

Post ride chill was at the Orem Denny's. Good times sitting around telling stories and laughing.

I got to bed by 2am. At work now suffering from a post night ride hangover.

Thanks to all who made it down to the ride. You guys are all hardcore.

More Video and pics from Miles here.


South County Ciclista said...

I am still suffering from "riders hack." Fun times.

KanyonKris said...

Rick, thanks for keeping the ride going.

I know I'm slow but I was still amazed how hard you guys hammered the dirt road climb. By the time I rounded the top of the first short climb, you guys were cresting the next climb and gone.

With Aaron's costume win last year, could he repeat? He went big and scored. (That's what she said.)

Loved watching the pipe smoking.

Good times.

Ricky said...

Really sorry I missed the ride. Very creative costumes all around. I can't believe Aaron wore his costume to the office today! Those legal guys get away with everything.