Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thur Night Race II- Updated Course

We are still planning on a 9pm start from the equestrian center but the course has been changed (Rush trail is under construction)

  • Neutral start from the equestrian center to the first service road. Regroup and start
  • Up Canyon Hollow (near the top, stay right at the junction to Brocks).
  • Up Jacobs
  • Down Jacobs
  • Down Ghost
  • At the bottom of Ghost, stay left and cross the bridge, and then another left on to Canyon Hollow
  • Up Canyon Hollow (stay right at junction to Brocks)
  • Down Clarks
  • Down Creekside
  • Finish at the equestrian center
It's going to hurt so good.

Remember, $5 gets you a hand made number plate and goes into the pot. Winner takes the money.

With the ICUP and Solider Hollow races on Wed night, there will be plenty of tired legs. Anyone can win this one.


KanyonKris said...

I like the new course. My legs hurt already.

Is there a purpose to the number plates? Or just for fun?

Rick Sunderlage said...

KK- Well it wouldn't be much of a race without number plates would it?

Besides, that's how we raffle off the prizes at the end. Pull numbers out of a bag. If the number matches your race plate, you get to pick a prize.