Friday, January 1, 2010

Dirtbag Purchase- Kombi Lifty Gloves

I picked up a pair of Kombi lifty gloves for the backcountry days. Durable, breathable, good dexterity, very stylish, but most of all cheap-$29.

It only takes about 1 season to go through a pair of gloves. And duct tape can only do so much to patch the holes. For $29, I can buy a few pair of Kombi gloves and several rolls of duct tape for the money it takes to buy one pair of nicer gloves.

Slap some water proofing wax on the leather and these are good to go.

***Not recommended for Dug. He has hand issues and no matter what kind of glove he wears, his hands are always cold.

1 comment:

dug said...

man, i'm reading the post, thinking, Hey, I want a pair of those, those are cool.

and then i get to the note at the bottom.

that's just mean.