Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Inbox

I've been waiting for this email for many months now and yesterday it finally arrived in my inbox.

Ben: As of 10AM there was 2 feet at Alta and still snowing hard. I’m predicting 3ft by morning.
We should meet at the mouth of LCC at 5AM.
Any takers?

Me: I’m very interested in that. I can’t be out too long but could at least get a lap or two in.

Ben: I just remembered I can’t make it out tomorrow. I’m supposed to give a presentation at a Junior High in American Fork for their career day and need to be there by 8AM. Lame.

Me: I hate you.

It was a sick joke. Sick and wrong. Nobody should have to go through that kind of abuse.


Anonymous said...

it's hard to stay mad at ben for too long, he's just too nice, but this was beyond the pale.

on the other hand, it's sposed to snow again sunday/monday. i'll see you tuesday morning.

KanyonKris said...


Not knowing much about BC skiing, is 2 feet of snow enough or do you hit rocks on occasion? Better to get a base down?

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- Word

KK- early seaason BC usually results in some damage to the skis but skis can be fixed. 3ft is enough to get up there and check things out.

Anonymous said...

Rick and Dug, I really don't see why you can't ski Friday morning and then leave for Moab. Just a suggestion. Do we need to file your Moab trip report under "pussiness?"