Sunday, August 3, 2008

I need all the help I can get

"The CrossMark is the dramatic evolution of the cross country racing tire. The nearly continuous center ridge flies on hardpack, yet has enough spacing to grab wet roots and rocks. The slightly raised ridge of side knobs offers cornering precision never before seen on a tire this fast." 

Sounds like the perfect tire for Leadville.  I had Racer slap these on my Niner and Stan's them up.  My bike is ready. No more tinkering.  It's almost show time. 

Still not sleeping great. 


andy said...

let us know how you like it. i'm running the stock bontrager jones in the front and a stans something in the rear on my superfly.

love the 2bliss setup but the stans doesn't offer quite enough traction.

Anonymous said...

I have an ignitor and a crossmark on my Niner, they are dope. My cornering still sucks but the tires are dope nonetheless. Hey man what's up with making fun of my sister on her bike?? Socks have been ordered!!

Rick Sunderlage said...

Andy- you have a Superfly? I want a Superfly.

Banks- those socks were made for you. Sorry about your sister.