Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Earlier this week I met Jamie P. and several other guys to help out with some trail maintenance in preperation for the Draper ICUP race.

The project required us to fill several wheel barrels full (or in my case, half way full) of dirt and run them up a steep pitch, around a tight corner, and up another steep pitch to a retaining wall. Dump the dirt and repeat several times.

As a cyclist, I have no upper body strength. There were several runs when I was too ambitous with the amount of dirt I thought I could carry and ended up almost pulling my Uterus (that joke never gets old) trying to clear the 1st steep pitch.

And then there was one wheel barrel that was extra big (had two wheels instead of one). Jamie tied a strap to the front of it and I would put the strap around my shoulder and run as fast as I could pulling the wheel barrel while Jamie pushed it. He only whipped me once and gave me plenty of carrots to keep me motivated.

I'm hoping karma is on my side and the trail Gods will bless me with speed and control during the Draper Race on Monday in exchange for my services.

Monday is going to be painful. Fun but very very painful.


Anonymous said...

you know, you might consider having your uterus removed. i did, and it changed my life.

KanyonKris said...

You say wheel barrel, I say wheel barrow, potayto, potahto.

tp said...

Even if you do have your uterus removed, you'll always be wearing your pink panties ... see ya on the start line.