Monday, March 31, 2008

Add This To Your List of Rides This Year

There are a few rides that I really look forward to in 2008.

  • Leadville

  • KTR

  • Fall Moab

  • The Gantlet Supreme

The Gantlet Supreme is especailly cool becuase I can do it from my driveway and recover on my couch.

  • 7 climbs

  • Just over 90 miles

  • 10,000 ft of climbing
(pic taken from Fatty's site)

It's a huge ride yet it has plenty of bail out options and stays close to gas stations and the Sundance Resort just in case you need something (like a bag of Cheetos and Diet Coke.)

I think 2008 should be the year we make this ride an event and award KOM points, sprint points, and overall top finisher.


andy said...

fatty really needs to hold a similar event and open it up to his readers. i'll bet a bunch of us would love to come out and spend a couple days riding some of the stuff his blog has made famous.

KanyonKris said...

When I read "Gauntlet Supreme" I was thinking it would just add the missing spur up to Granite Flat. But noooo. Another trip up the Alpine Loop?! I'm not convinced I could do the regular gauntlet, and now there's a supreme! I'm beginning to get a picture of the core group as a bunch of masochists. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Count me in! Always wanted to do that one.


Anonymous said...

Are you doing KTR this year? If so, what's the date? I haven't seen anything about it but after last year am aware of the need to keep it on the down low.

tibiker said...

As much as I love mountain biking, I am going to be apart of the Gaunlet this year. Let me know when we're doing it. (So I can steal my wife's compact crankset)