Friday, January 4, 2008

Heat wave

I'm a weather junkie. I pretty much watch the news until 9:20 when the 5 day forecast comes up and then I'm done and am usually asleep by 9:23. So last night, when I heard something about 45 degree temps for Friday before the snow storm hits, I got a little excited. Rather than get up for the 5:30am spin class, this meant I could get out for a lunch ride on my road bike.

So this morning, I dug out my gear and bike and went to work.

I emailed my twin brother who works about 15 miles from my office and asked if he wanted to hook up for a lunch ride. I knew he would have his bike becuase he commutes every day (rain, snow, or cold. It doesn't matter). He also rides a fixie.

We decided to leave our offices at 11:45 and meet somewhere half way and then find a nice loop.

I wish I had my camera with me. It was funny to the two of us riding together. Me on my road bike with brakes and gears head to toe in lycra and my brother on his fixie (no gears, no brakes) with his knickers and long sleeve shirt.

It turns out, riding with a fixie is pretty much the same pace. Every now and then he would go into a skid stop and my heart would skip a beat. Have you ever seen someone do a skid stop before? Insane. I would go down for sure if I tried that.

Today felt like Spring. It was a nice change from the bitter cold. So nice , I am seriously considering double dipping today.

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Anonymous said...

This is the "same pace" where you mix it up by trying to hold your breath for 20 seconds at a time while riding...meanwhile, my nostrils were flairing.

thanks though...