Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sundance/Soldier Hollow Series & ICUP Preview

Last night was race #2 of the Sundance/Soldier Hollow series. They had us race the ICUP course (2 laps). For those of you getting ready for the Sundance ICUP race on Sat, the course is in great shape. Just a few sections of mud but all rideable. For those of you racing SS, good luck. There are two nasty climbs that don't look so bad but they hurt.

Sundance has to be one of the hardest starts of any of the ICUPs (maybe 2nd behind Deer Valley). It's a cold turkey start up a steep, paved road. Everyone is riding that thin line of getting to the single track in good position but doing it without blowing up.

On lap one, Brad broke a chain just in front of me. Normally I'd feel bad about that but I admit I was jealous that his race was over. I was suffering and considered offering Brad my bike.

I spent the rest of the race trying to keep Brandon's wheel but he was able to keep the pace high enough, that I couldn't close the gap. Maybe the stomach flu and the lost 5lbs was a good thing for him.

Kyle has found his groove and is riding strong enough to beat up some of the Pros. I think he will be unbeatable the rest of the season.

Seems like the pace at the Sundance/Soldier Hollow races is much higher than the ICUPs. Shorter races can hurt more that the longer ones. I'm not sure how I feel about that. But I really do like the kick back setting and local scene. A lot of fast riders show up and for $12, you get to test your fitness while logging some really good training miles at race pace.


dug said...

i can't tell you how fun that sounds.

seriously. i can't.

South County Ciclista said...

I really thought you might catch me a the top of the last steep hill. My legs were cramping and I was giving it all I had to stay in front.

evilbanks said...

I really gotta get in on this.......