Friday, September 18, 2009

Night Vision

Remember when you were a kid and saw those ads in the back of magazines for "x-ray glasses"?

I never did order a pair and still regret that today.

But I found almost the next best thing to x-ray glasses. Night vision glasses.

And they can be yours for only $7. Click here

They come in clear or yellow lenses.

I was amazed how well they worked and at $7 a pop, you can crash all you want and not worry about losing or crushing them.

I let Dug borrow my yellow lens pair last night. After we got separated, Dug dropped down to the parking lot and kindly hung my glasses on the side mirror of my truck.

30 min later, I arrived at the truck, loaded up the bike and drove off as I checked my phone for any messages. By the time I saw Dug's text that read "the yellow glasses are hanging from your mirror. Thanks, they worked great". I had already hit 40 MPH and the glasses were no longer there.

No problem. It would have cost me more money in fuel to turn around and try and find them. I'll just order a replacement.


dug said...

ouch. um, my bad. you can have my oakleys. they're no good at night though.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I have a similar pair for night riding. I got mine from my dentist. I was getting my teeth cleaned, and thought the safety glasses I had on would work well for night riding. I think you can get them at Home Depot, too.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Dug- not your fault. You did everything right. These are disposable. That's the point.

Dave said...

I went to the website, after looking at the options, I think I am going to buy these ones:

check em out...sick.