Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bar Codes And Such

I had two goals for Lotoja this year:

1) Finish in under 10 hours
2) Do the entire race on foods with bar codes.

I knew from past experience that I wouldn't be able to stomach real food. So I loaded up with EFS gel & GU packs, Carborocket and water.

I missed both goals.

My time was 10:04
I ate a banana at the last feed zone

In short, the weekend was a total failure.


South County Ciclista said...

Time to retire from LOTOJA like me and find other races/events to compete in.

whitney said...

Failure? Not even!!!....you're amazing! Now... no more LOTOJA!

KanyonKris said...

Bold goals. Just missed it.

How about completely artificial food/drink for next year?

Dave said...

What Rick forgets to mention is the fact that he was sick the whole race and stopped to make sure a fellow teammate who crashed was OK and also soft-pedaled for 30 minutes waiting for a team member who he thought was behind him to catch up. Had Rick been in tip-top shape, a podium finish would have been guaranteed.

Nice ride though Rick

eber said...

the worst part is no paid leave from Omniture

vh1 said...

EB it is Adobe now