Friday, October 10, 2008

UFO Sightings in Draper

I expected to read that in the papers this morning after last night's nite ride. I counted 19 riders but there could have been more. It felt like an ICUP race but at night.

Even after the group rolled out from the parking lot, more riders would appear at the stops. At one point Justin (who didn't start with us) hacked his way through the bushes at the bottom of Clark's to move up to the front of the pack. I've never seen anything like it. A train of lights rolling through the scrub oak and singletrack. The Draper residents must have been concerned and confused.

We had riders come from as far south as Spanish Fork and as far North as Sugarhouse. Brad K. even made an appearance.

My plan was to stay near the front of the pack. I've seen too many documentaries about cougar attacks at night. I was not going to be the cougar bait.

I didn't hear about any major mechanicals or animal attacks. The ride was a great success and ended with breakfast for some at the Village Inn.

I'll try to round up some pictures and add them as I get them.


dug said...

you know, i don't think we ever got an accurate count or roll call.

we MAY have lost a few to cougars. who's to say? start scanning the missing persons section of the police beat.

tibiker said...

I counted 3 times at Clark's and came up with 19...and then Justin appeared from the bushes to make it an even 20. Fun to get so many people out at night, I hope the weather allows us to get a few more night rides in this year before winter sets in.

b_banks said...

Next time in!

KanyonKris said...

Cougars? I'm more afraid of Chupacabra, due to the recent sightings around Suncrest. Frankly I think it's just dug sleep walking.

I'd like to do this ride, if you don't mind me tagging along. Is it every Thursday night? What time? My new ghetto light system needs some more trail time.

Rick, if you'd like to night ride the Orem foothill trails let me know (since your work is a few blocks from my home).

tp said...

What was Justin doing in the bushes?

Sam and Holly said...

We should start planning now for the Halloween night ride. TP are you going to be the fairy princess again this year? Adam I am sure Justin would love it if you wore your sheep outfit!

KanyonKris said...

uuhhh, on second thought, perhaps this particular group night ride isn't for me.