Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now My Wife Won't Ride

Tony sent this to me tonight.  I'm guessing he took this pic today during a ride. There are two of these signs posted in Corner Canyon (Draper).

My wife had a babysitter lined up for Sat so we could get a mountain bike ride in close to home.  
Now she's not so interested in riding.

Maybe we'll go to Bed Bath and Beyond instead...Home Depot if we have time.

Thanks Tony.  


StupidBike said...

that'll keep us off of Clarks trail till it is open.

Tibiker, you know what i'm sayin ;)

bbanks said...

Whoever wrote that flyer really needs some help with their English skills. What the hell is a "possible moose"? One other observation, how did this guy get tipped off that a moose was possibly killed by a mountain lion? If this is true, I'm sure there isn't much left to find. Even if the carcass is found, what can anyone do about it? It's nature man, there is the hunter and the hunted.

KanyonKris said...

Finding a moose killed by a mountain lion is a good thing. When mountain lions can't find enough prey to eat, that's when we should be worried. This relatively tough winter has been hard on the deer, moose, etc. which should mean plenty of food for the mountain lions. But the snow pushed the deer down so the mountain lions have followed. That's why we're hearing reports of mountain lion sightings. So in all, I actually feel less worried about mountain lions this year.

BTW, saw some show about mountain lions. They are pretty stealthy and if you see one, that's a bad sign - it usually means it's been tracking you. If you encounter a mountain lion, stand tall and look big. They are used to prey having four legs so don't look 4-legged (bend over, crouch, etc.). Don't run! A mountain lion is a cat, and cats instinctively chase things that run away. Throwing rocks at the lion and making loud noises may scare it away. If a stick is nearby, grab it for protection. Keep your bike between you and the lion.

KanyonKris said...

A warning: poaching Clark's before it's open may have trail access consequences. Read this:


Personally I will respect the closure - I feel it's a small price to pay for all the great trails in Corner Canyon that Draper City built and allow us to use.

tp said...

What Kanyonkris said Rick ... don't crouch down and bend over like you did with the mountain goat.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Anytime we ride Clarks, we should mark our territory every 100 yards or so. Pack plenty of water (maybe even a camelbak).

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, is your wife afraid of being mistaken for a moose?

Won't the Chupecabra scare off the mountain lions?

Why is everyone suddenly surprised that there are mt lions around here?


KanyonKris said...

Rick: I like your thinking - sports drink is how MTBers mark their territory - mountain lions beware!