Monday, March 24, 2008

Networking in the Wasatch

My first real Corp job required that I get a set of golf clubs and take a client golfing every now and then.  It was also a "great" way to network and get some face time with the boss.  I never did like golf and still don't.  Golf is silly.  It's expensive, it requires no fitness, and takes half the day. 

If I have 6 hours to go do something, I'd much rather spend it on the bike.  Lately, I've been able to meet new people and even do some business while cycling.  Today for example, I met another local cyclist who also works for a large high tech company in Utah County.  We exchanged emails a few times and finally connected today for a post work ride on the BST above Orem.  It's funny when you first meet another cyclist.  Small talk starts while trying to catch a glimpse of their legs and arms to gage their level of fitness. You can tell a lot about a cyclist just by looking at their legs. I knew within seconds that Aaron, who I just met, was a hardcore cyclist.  

We rode for about an hour and talked along the way.  It turns out we know some of the same people.  The cycling community in Utah is tight and if you talk to someone long enough, you can usually make a connection.  

Cycling should be the new golf.  I think I'll make a bumper sticker.

By the way, check out the 2008 Omniture kits that arrived a few weeks ago.  I think they turned out great.  These will make you 10% faster and 5 lbs lighter. 


Chris Holohan said...

I work at a camp in AZ and we use mountain biking all the time for meetings with people. Its a huge job perk.

If you made that sticker, I know several guys that would display them proudly. Cheers.


mark said...

I agree with you that golf is lame. My dad used to play a lot of golf and started taking me with him when I was 8. I don't know when my dad last played golf, but he just retired and is currently shopping for a new road bike.

dug said...

isn't this just a roundabout way of saying you like to check out men's legs?

did you write hebrews?

Aaron said...

Hook me up with one of those stickers, Rick. From here on out, when my wife asks me what time I'll be home, I'll just tell her "sorry, I have to work late tonight."

By the way, Dug, could you ditch the capris? You're making it awfully difficult for Rick to sneak a peak.

Rick Sunderlage said...

dug- i know you do it too. Don't try to hide it. There is nothing wrong with it.

aaron- every now and then Dug will show some skin. Of the core group, Dug has the best legs by far.

tibiker said...

Dude, did you remember to hook me up with an Omniture kit? If so, tell me what I owe you. If you forgot then it's cool. (Frankly, it's actually not cool that you forgot me and I'm gonna kick you in the nads when I see you)