Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Jersey Collection

It's out of control. I have, at this moment, 14 cycling jersey's with 2 more on order. Some of them have been washed more than 50 times, crashed in several times, and still look brand new. What are these things made of? I have more cycling jersey's than I do work shirts (which isn't a bad thing). But still, why so many?

2 of them are from Racer's Cycle Service (gotta support the local shop. Which is why I still need to get my hands on a Revolution jersey for the days that I am in SLC.)
2 Fat Cyclist jersey's- one pink, one orange
5 DNA jersey's- the core team
2- Omniture jersey's (it's where I spend most of my time, why not think about work while cycling too?)
1 sleeveless- which I never wear cuz I lack the girth in my arms.
4 misc jersey's

These jerseys have been through a lot. Hours of suffering during races, epic rides with friends, early mornings spent in spin class, late night rides, one attack by a mountain goat, countless trips to gas stations for the post ride meal (hot dog & 44oz drink). But they all share one thing in common. they stink. One ride can ruin a jersey forever. They seem to retain that stench no matter what kind of laundry soap I use. Has anyone else noticed this? Can't they figure out a way to make a jersey that doesn't retain the nasty smell?


dug said...

the only way to not have that smell is to wear a wool jersey. but then your nipples will bleed. choose your poison.

Anonymous said...

So, 14, 2 more on the way?? Hmm. Well then, I'm going for the new Joe's Jeans I have on hold at Nordstrom. They cost as much as a few of your jerseys together, but they will last longer and smell better. Thanks for the encouragement.

Rick Sunderlage said...

dug- i'll pass on the bleeding nips.

Shelle- you'll need to get them in the kids dept. you're too skinny to wear normal jeans.

Anonymous said...

Microwave. I remember seeing something about putting a stinky dish rag in the microwave to kill the bacteria.

I haven't tried it yet but my bet is that it works....(try it on the carbon fiber looking Jersey first...please.)

Anonymous said...

It's a well-kept secret that bike jerseys are pre-stunk at the factory.

They cover the stink up with a "new jersey" spray, which washes off after two wash cycles.

Top secret studies have shown that "stinky ass funkyness" of old jerseys accounts for 37% of new jersey sales.


andy said...

you'd better get ready for sparks if you're going to nuke it!

KanyonKris said...

Dude, you're a jersey addict. Sign up for a 12 step program ASAP before it ruins your life (savings). ;-)

I've heard the microwave thing works, but as andy said, metal in microwaves is bad and most jerseys have metal zipper parts. You wouldn't want to burn up any of those precious jerseys!

Very kind of you to post this info. If I'm on a ride with you I'll know to ride waaay back. ;-)

My jerseys get a bit stinky after a ride, but they come out of the wash smelling OK. I'd make some joke about your B.O. funk of the living dead, but I'm above such junior high locker humor. All my wife does is wash with ordinary laundry detergent, water softener and some Downy. I doubt that's a magic anti-funk potion.

Andy H. said...

Mix baking soda and water into a paste and scrub it in the jesey pit stink area. Then wash. Works every time.

tp said...

Maybe the problem is that YOU are washing them, instead of your wife. I have 32 jerseys with 2 on order. Yeah ... that's nuts. BTW, what's the status on the Omniture jersys?

Boz said...

I spray mine with Fabreeze and hang 'em up for about an hour before I wash them. Works for me.
Side note - last summer after a hot, humid ride, my shorts were laying on the floor in the bed room whilst I showered. When I came out, one of the cats was trying to bury them. Nice.

mark said...

Clorox 2 is your answer. Unless they're polypro. Polypro really does come from the factory pre-stunk. Don't use fabric softener (downy)--it supposedly destroys the wicking properties.

Anonymous said...

Arm and Hammer makes an "all fabric bleach" made up of basically the same stuff as Clorox II and is about 1/2 the price. Work great on the stink.