Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Death Rattle

That's what is sounds like in my throat when I ride in cold temps and push the pace up a steep climb. I don't know if it's Exercise-Induced Asthma or just a freak thing that only happens in the cold but I've noticed it more and more recently.

I'm going to call it my death rattle.

I'm posting this so you'll know what to do if I pass out on the next ride. I'll be packing a straw in my jersey pocket. Take that straw, and jam it into my throat. Like this.

Thank you.

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Nate Kingdon said...

are you going to print these instructions out and carry them with you in your jersey? A pen would work, I saw it on a M.A.S.H episode. Never can be too careful. I get something similar in the winter, except I am close to dying.