Saturday, March 7, 2009

ICUP Desert Rampage

The first race of the 09 season is always a fun one. It's a wild card. Legs are pasty white, most people are packing a few extra lbs. It seems more like a big group ride and a chance to catch up with people you haven't seen all winter. But that group ride feeling all goes out the window when the gun goes off.

Brad wearing the MASHer jersey with a slight modification to the sleeves.

The Start

Brad (2nd) and Kenny (3rd) on the podium for the Expert 40+ division (time to move up)

Me (3rd) and Sam (5th) on the podium for the Singlespeed division

Seth, Sambo, and Will throwing rocks at the racers trying to make them go faster.

It was a great weekend and fun to have the family come down to escape the cold and offer their support. Watching the kids and my wife cheering always takes the pain away even if it's only for a few seconds.


dug said...

man, talk about starting the season off with a bang. nice shot.

bradkeyes said...

Nice one Sunderlage! I can't believe how freaking big the SS class was. The Masher made me fast. You should wear one next race.

Rob said...

Nice work little brother.

Jason said...

Rick - way to rip it! Take it those white gloves inspire more speed than gayness come race day.

b_banks said...

Hey man, nice job! There was an ass load of SSer's which makes it all the more sweet!