Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Testing Grounds

There is a lunch ride in Orem/Provo that we refer to as the "standard lunch ride".  It has a great mix of short, steep climbs and rolling sections.  It's the closest thing to a mountain bike style ride I've found.

It's also the testing grounds to see who has good fitness.  No way to hide on this ride. 

Today was the first group lunch ride on this route (of 2012) and an Alpha male was established.  Jon R. showed his cards and it's clear he wasn't messing around this winter.  No maple bars in his diet.

I knew I had some work ahead of me to get into racing shape but today was a reality check. I'm behind the curve.  Time to buckle down. The first MTB race of the season is 3.5 weeks away.

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