Monday, June 13, 2011

New Bike

Here is my 11 year old daughter holding my new CX bike.  Turns out, aged wood and metal strings cost just as much as a nice carbon frameset. 
I couldn't resist.  She has been saving up her own money for the past 6 months and was finally ready to make the purchase (instead of rent).  I told her I'd match what she saved.  As a Dad, I find it very hard to say no to my daughters.

When I'm in my 70's and no longer racing, she can come visit and play "Devil Went Down To Georgia" for me. 

I think this was a good purchase.


Jonnie J said...

I agree! Its cool to see your kids set a goal and work towards it. Gina has a bike on the side of the house she won't let me get rid of because she saved the money for half of it and her dad brought in the other half.

Now that you've past the test....go ahead and buy that new CX bike anyways.

evilbanks said...

Absolutely a great purchase, no doubt about it.

KanyonKris said...

Does that model have a mute button? Now I know why you ride so much.