Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pre-work Ride w/ Bagley

I met Bagley for a 2 hour pre-work ride in Corner Canyon on Monday.  Canyon Hollow to Rush, Ghost, Canyon Hollow, Jacobs, Ghost, Canyon Hollow, Coffee Grinder, home.  I intentially didn't ride Clarks out of respect for Bob S. amd his anti-Clarkness.  I was, however, riding a 29er SS which is the perfect bike for CC.  Mark did you hear me?

Check out my "C" cup at the 28 sec mark.  I swear this thing is about 2 lbs.  No big deal.  It's like training with ankle weights.  Makes me stronger, right?

And now for the video Dave made:

Corner Canyon May from Dave Bagley on Vimeo.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I thought you said after White Rim that you were getting a bike with gears.

Rachelle Sunderlage said...

but i never said I was going to sell my SS. I just think at my age, a geared bike would be good for recovery rides.

KanyonKris said...

I think you're doing these early rides to avoid the catcalls and stares at your C hip.

Kevin said...

Finally-we'll be able to see video evidence when Bagley breaks it

Papa Bear said...

I'm confused. Video is blocked at work (where my only computer is right now), so what the &(*^@$*& is a "C" cup?